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This may come as a surprise, but the idea of seeing the dentist twice a year was originally part of a marketing campaign for a toothpaste company. But, seeing your dentist every six months is still a good idea, since it will give the dentist a chance to clean your teeth and check for problems such as cavities or gum disease. But depending on your oral health, your dentist may want to see you on a more frequent basis. However, there are other times when you should schedule an appointment.

If you notice a change in the color, and texture of your teeth, gums or soft tissues, you should let your dentist know. If you experience an unpleasant taste or odor that you can’t attribute to something you ate or drank, you should contact Dr. R. Erik Cantwell. If your gums bleed when you brush or floss, it is time to see the dentist. So should also make an appointment if you are diagnosed with a disease or medical condition, or if you start or change any medication. In fact, it isn’t a bad idea to give your dentist the name and number of your primary care physician. If you are pregnant or thinking about having a baby, you should make an appointment for a checkup.

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