Dental X-rays are used to help our dentist find damage and disease that is hard to see during a regular dental exam. To get a more thorough, complete look at your smile, Dr. R. Erik Cantwell may perform digital imaging in West Jordan, Utah. Digital imaging is the latest in dental X-rays.

Traditional X-rays have film that needs to be developed in a dark room. Digital imaging sends images directly to the computer so the photo can be viewed on screen, stored, or printed out. Digital imaging uses less radiation than traditional X-rays. Our dentist can enhance and enlarge digital images on the computer screen, making it easier for him to spot dental issues. This also allows our dentist to show you where and what any dental problems are. With digital imaging, our dentist can electronically send images to a specialist if necessary. Using a process called subtraction radiography, our dentist can compare current and previous images electronically. Everything that is alike between the two images will be taken out, leaving an image of the area that is different. Using this technique, our dentist can spot even the smallest of changes in your smile.

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