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Gum – it’s the enemy of braces everywhere, but beloved by so many people. It’s one of the most widely consumed snacks in America. But with all that chewing, and how sticky gum can be, is it really good for your teeth?

That’s actually a question we get asked a lot. The good news is that yes, gum can be good for your teeth. But understanding why and how are important. Let’s take a minute to explain the relationship that exists between gum and your teeth.

Increased saliva production
Chewing gum increases the amount of saliva your mouth produces. But how does that benefit your oral health?

Well, when you increase saliva production, you’re helping your mouth better fight plaque buildup, which strengthens your teeth and reduces tooth decay. This is the important role saliva plays in your oral health.

Go sugarless
The only gum certified by the American Dental Association is gum sweetened without sugar. And that makes sense, because you don’t want something sugary in your mouth, all around your teeth, for as long as we usually tend to chew gum. That’s just asking for a cavity. Sugarfree gum has the benefits of being good for your teeth and not causing cavities.

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