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If you have developed tooth sensitivity in a tooth that received a dental filling, your dilemma is one that is shared by many patients. Tooth sensitivity after a dental filling can arise but typically subsides after a short time. However, persistent or severe tooth sensitivity after a dental filling should be addressed by our dentist and team. Dr. R. Erik Cantwell can provide a desensitizing material for the tooth, recommend a desensitizing toothpaste, and more.

Pain when biting down on the tooth means that the shape of the dental filling may need to be changed to improve the bite.

Tooth sensitivity can also result from a silver dental filling touching a gold crown but should improve on its own as the teeth adjust. Likewise, if neighboring teeth are picking up on pain signals emitted by the treated tooth, they typically don’t require treatment.

If your tooth was treated for tooth decay very near the pulp of the tooth and the surrounding tissue is too unhealthy for treatment, a root canal treatment may be needed.

While tooth sensitivity after a dental filling placement often disappears within a few weeks, you are welcome to contact Copper Ridge Dental at 801.260.0530 if you have any concerns or would like to speak with our dentist about tooth sensitivity treatment in West Jordan, Utah.