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Sugar often gets a bad rap in the media, with links to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, among other things. But what does it do to your teeth? What about other diet or eating habits? How can you most improve your dental health and prevent problems in the future?

To begin, sugar does have a negative effect on your oral health. It is a leading cause of tooth decay, which is the most common chronic disease in children. When the plaque on your teeth comes in contact with sugar, acid attacks the teeth. This causes erosion of the enamel, which does not grow back, and leads to sensitive teeth and even cavities. For this reason alone, (if not for the ones above) you should consider limiting the sugar in your diet by cutting out foods with high levels of added sugar, such as candy, soda, or other treats.

Moving beyond sugar, it is essential to get the full spectrum of nutrients from your diet. Deficiencies of certain nutrients can enable gum disease. Gum disease eventually leads to tissue damage and tooth loss and decay. It is particularly worrying for people with diabetes, as it can raise blood sugar.

Your dental health is also affected by when you east, as well as what you eat. It is best to limit snacking, as saliva produced during a snack is often minimal. During a full meal, more saliva is produced, washing food from the mouth and better protecting teeth from acids.

A good diet is an essential part of having a healthy mouth. Our goal at Copper Ridge Dental is to help you have the best possible smile. Call 801.260.0530 to schedule an appointment with Dr R. Erik Cantwell today!