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Your tooth enamel is designed to protect the internal structures of your teeth, while also giving you the ability to bite off, chew and grind tough foods. It gets its amazing strength from densely packed microscopic mineral crystals. The density of these mineral crystals helps to prevent the bacteria in your mouth from forming cavities.

Unfortunately, it is possible for the acidic foods and beverages you consume, and the natural processes of the bacteria in your mouth to erode some of the mineral content. Left unchecked, this process known as demineralization can weaken your tooth enamel to the degree that cavities can start to form. At the same time demineralization also makes you more prone to develop tooth sensitivity issues.

Your Copper Ridge Dental dentist can administer a fluoride treatment that introduces a potent amount of fluoride directly to your teeth. At the same time there are other things you can do on a daily basis to help maintain the overall integrity of your tooth enamel.

Cutting back on consuming acidic foods and beverages, including soft drinks, will go a long way towards preventing microscopic enamel erosion. You should also brush your teeth with a brand of toothpaste that includes added fluoride, and has earned the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance.

The dentist might also prescribe fluoride supplements, prescription fluoride toothpaste or fluoride mouth rinse to boost your everyday efforts.

If you have questions about what you can do to improve the strength of your tooth enamel, you can always call Copper Ridge Dental’s office in West Jordan, Utah at 801.260.0530 to set up an appointment.