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Dental sealants are thin, plastic coatings that successfully shield the teeth from tooth decay and harmful substances, like bacteria and food particles. They are generally best for children and teenagers who are between the ages of 6 and 14; however, adults can benefit from them as well if they have a smile that is free from tooth decay and their molars are free from fillings. So, if you’re interested in protecting your smile, you may want to consider dental sealants!

The process of placing the sealant is easy, painless, and fast. First, your dentist will deeply clean the tooth that is receiving the sealant. Dr. R. Erik Cantwell will then dry the tooth. Once the tooth is dry, he will cover the tooth with acid solution to roughen the surfaces, which will help the sealant bond to the tooth. Your dentist will rinse and dry the tooth once again. When the tooth is ready, your dentist will paint the sealant onto the tooth. The sealant will bond to the surface and will harden. If necessary, your dentist will harden the material with a special light.

Dental sealants offer protection for up to 10 years, and they will need to be checked every six months at the dental cleaning appointments. If you have any problems with the sealant, your dentist will be happy to replace the product as necessary.

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