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We know how important your smile is to you. Having a perfect smile is something most people dream of. You don’t need to dream any longer. Dental veneers have helped perfect millions of smiles. Why not add yours to the growing list of satisfied veneer wearers?

Just in case you were unaware, a dental veneer is a thin tooth-colored shell that bonds with the front of your teeth in order to hide any flaws. Primarily veneers are made from porcelain, but sometimes can be made from a dental resin. The beauty of dental veneers is that they are designed to blend in seamlessly with your natural teeth. A tooth with a dental veneer will look like it’s always been one of your own and will last you five to ten years before you’ll require a replacement. Dental veneers are a great treatment for teeth that are:

– Chipped
– Discolored
– Cracked
– Stained
– Slightly misaligned
– Gapped

If your teeth have any of these issues, Dr. R. Erik Cantwell has many years of experience in helping people just like you who wanted dental veneers and will be glad to assist you in making your smile look perfect. If you have any questions about veneers and if they are right for you, please call us at Copper Ridge Dental in West Jordan, Utah, today.