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Dental emergencies are always a serious cause for concern. One of the more common dental emergencies involves having a tooth knocked out. This is especially true if you participate in athletic activities or contact sports without a custom fitted mouth guard.

If a tooth is knocked out cleanly, there is a chance that it can be implanted again. The key to improving the chances of successful implantation is to keep the tooth moist. Resist the temptation to clean the tooth and handle it as little as possible. Simply place the tooth in lukewarm water or simply tuck it between your gums and cheek.

There are also tooth preservation products available at the retail level. They a essentially a small container filled with a nourishing gel that is designed to help keep the tooth alive for a short period of time. You simply unscrew the cap, place the tooth in the gel and seal it again. As long as you can get to the dentist in a timely manner, the tooth should still be alive.

If your gums are bleeding you can lightly bite down on some sterile gauze. Try to avoid playing with the empty socket with your tongue.

The sooner you can get to your dentist the better the chances are the tooth can be implanted. If you or your child has a tooth knocked out you should call us immediately at 801.260.0530 to schedule an appointment.